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You don't walk in public naked, why expose yourself unnecessarily on the internet? There are advantages for cloaking your behavior in this surveillance world. You probably understand the damage that can be done to you or your employer from a careless tweet sent, even one sent out years prior. The same damage can be done with other forms of data being collected that is currently being used to control and cancel people and companies.

With a minimal amount of effort one can learn to cloak much of their behavior from society. It is fun and will guard you from exposing yourself in public.
This site is created to present options and techniques that you can learn to minimize your exposure to the creeps that will use the data to harm you, your family, and your employer.

All the big Tech Companies are collecting massive amounts of data on you. To discover how your data is being analyzed add P

1. Back up your gmail contacts. got to; click on the Export butting along lefts side of screen; Select format Goolgle CVS or vCard for apple.

2. Join, They also have proton calendar and what seems to be a fantastic proton VPN; you can set a filter in gmail to route all your email traffic to your proton email. I will provide instructions later.

3. Back up your notes on Google Keep.

4. For search engine use SwissCows or DuckDuck

5. For Browser There are several that I am checking out. The Tor browser is good but slow

6. instead ot twitter use parler

7. instead of facebook use these suggestions; MeWe, clouthub.

8. I also backed up Google Drive ;

9. instead of Amazon used Walmart, Ebay,

10. Place mobile phone in aluminum foil like old potato chip bag to prevent detection and following.

11. linux and usb boot systems

12. data backup to AWS with rsync to home hard drive

13. INTERNXT drive.

14. - credit cards

15. SIGNAL - Good replacemnt for encrypted messages and calls

16. Forward Gmail to Protonmail (image)
17. Use cash insted of credit cards to buy booze, pot, and anything else that could be used against you.

Secure Browsers =

Many of the most popular web browser are stealing your personal data. Here are a few alternatives to try.

Global Tracking

There are many reasons to cloak you location: You may be visiting your boss' wife and don't want to broadcast your location; You may drink frequently at your favorite watering hole and would like to keep your habits a secret; or you may just be paranoid that you are under constant surveillance.
There are ways to temporarily block GPS tracking of you cell phone by using a technique know as a Faraday Box.
Note: It also makes your phone temporarily inaccessible during cloaking.

Social Alternatives

Operating Systems


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Getting started

I. PROPOSAL 1. Description 2. Scope or Work b. Considerations (Complexity and Budget) c. Number of borings 1. DOD requirements 2. Depth of exploration 3. In situ Testing a. SPT b. Undisturbed d. Lab Tests 3. Cost Estimates 4. Templates a. Scope of Work Template b. Cost Estimate Template

II. EXPLORATION 1. Test Borings Test boring operation and SPT testing (Good Video from University of Calf.) b. Prepare for boring operations 1. Read Scope of Work 2. Note testing intervals c. Logging test borings 1. Identifying and classifying soil types 2. Prepare for testing intervals d. Test boring Report Templates 1. Insitu Testing a. intervals

III. DESIGN 1. Determining properties of soils for analysis a. Empirical relationships for SPT results 1. Friction angle 2. cohesive stength 3. shear wave velocity 4. Modulus of Elasticity 5. relative density 6. Empircal Relationship Templates Common lab test and interpreting results a. Sieve Test 1. Importance a. well graded b. gap graded c. poorly graded d. silt content e. clay content (requires gradation testing) f. Sieve Test Templates Common tools and methods for Geotech analysis a. Spreadsheets 1. Empirical relationships for Soil properties based on SPT 2. Provide organized input data for AllPile b. AllPILE - Useful for determinine axial and lateral capacity of piles 1.` ALLPILE templates a. Proper reference c. CT Shoring - Useful for designing sheetpile retaining structures 1. CT Shoring Templates a. Proper reference d. ADONIS - Finite Element software 1. ADONIS Templates a. Proper reference IV. REPORT 1. Specifications a. Geotech 2. Report Templates

V. CONSTRUCTION 1. Onsite Investigations a. Report Templates 1. Placing Fill 2. Protor test